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about 8 years ago


A note from Nick Downie, the creator of Chart.js and one of the judges for the Chart.js Personal Dashboard Challenge:

Hey and thanks for signing up to the Chart.js Personal Dashboard Challenge. 

I built Chart.js because I was disappointed with the existing charting solutions on the market, the majority were expensive, required complex set up, had poor mobile and tablet performance, and had many bloated features which shouldn't belong in a charting library. 

Though there are some more feature rich libraries out there, Chart.js is lightweight, free and completely open. The library will continue to develop to provide a more flexible platform for developers, while maintaining core values of simplicity and clean design.

This challenge could really help to add features, functionality and awareness to the project, adding to the community of developers already using Chart.js in their projects.

I'm really excited to see what you come up with using Chart.js. 

Best of luck!