Nick Downie (@nnnick) and ChallengePost invite designers and developers to visualize real personal data in a dashboard using Chart.js. Chart.js is an open source JavaScript library enabling easy creation of client side charts and graphs.

Create a browser-based dashboard with 3 or more Chart.js charts. Visualize real data that will help you track personal activities, optimize your life, and inspire others. Data could include social activity, entertainment, exercise, eating, or anything else you don’t mind sharing publicly!

You can use existing chart.js features and add or extend features to create your dashboard. Examples of potential new features include:

  • Alternative graph animation effects on charts using the in easing equations featured in Chart.js
  • New chart types showing data in beautiful, engaging ways
  • Re-using the string templating functions to generate the HTML for chart legends
  • Extending the Chart.js API by adding new methods to created charts


  • Participants: Individuals at least the age of majority where they reside at time of entry; Teams of eligible individuals
  • Countries: Global, except where prohibited by U.S. or local law


  1. a personal dashboard with 3 or more charts viewable in a browser, using Chart.js and real data;
  2. one or more screenshots of your dashboard (for the gallery); and
  3. pull requests on the Chart.js GitHub page (optional)

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$1,200 in prizes

Judges' Picks (2)

iPad mini 16 GB (Estimated retail value plus shipping and tax: $400)

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iPad mini 16 GB (Estimated retail value plus shipping and tax: $400)

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Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

  1. Click “Register” to sign up.
  2. Visit and the Chart.js GitHub repo to access the source, examples and documentation.
  3. Create a personal dashboard. Visualize real personal data by designing a dashboard of 3 or more Chart.js charts. Use existing Chart.js features and, if you want, add or extend features.
  4. Contribute issues or pull requests. You are encouraged, but not required, to add to the project on GitHub.
  5. Submit your dashboard by providing: 1) a URL where your dashboard can be viewed; 2) screenshots of your dashboard (for the website gallery); (3) a description of your dashboard and the personal data used; and 4) link(s) to any pull requests entered on the chart.js GitHub page (optional).


Nick Downie

Nick Downie
Project Owner, Chart.js

Stew Langille

Stew Langille

Naveen Selvadurai

Naveen Selvadurai
Co-founder, Foursquare

Jesse Thomas

Jesse Thomas
CEO & Founder, JESS3

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    Includes creative use of existing Chart.js features
  • Data
    Includes incorporation of charts using interesting and/or live refreshed data
  • Dashboard design
    Includes how well it makes data accessible and engaging
  • Responsiveness of charts
    Includes mobile compatibility of the dashboard
  • Potential contribution to Chart.js
    Includes potential contribution to the Chart.js project by adding or extending features

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